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Mrs. Sally Hicks Principal eClassroom
Mr. Mike Desmier Business Manager
Mrs. Barbara Hanson CRE
Ms. Darlene Cytraus Administrative Assistant
Ms. Anita Minor School Secretary


Mrs. Beth Collins eClassroom
Mrs. Mary Jo Fischer eClassroom
Mrs. Stormy Flynn eClassroom

Grade 1

Ms. Annette Braun eClassroom
Mrs. Deborah Fischesser eClassroom

Grade 2

Mrs. Debby Nagel eClassroom
Ms.Jessica Priessman eClassroom

Grade 3

Mrs. Carol Jordan eClassroom
Mrs. Amanda Minor Khambatta eClassroom

Grade 4

Miss Mallory Kist Language Arts eClassroom
Mrs. Terry Ogg Math and Social Studies Links
Mr. Rick Ries Religion and Science eClassroom

Grade 5 & 6

Mr. Scott Kramer Language Arts
Gr. 6 eClassroom
Mrs. Nancy Robers Social Studies and Religion
Gr. 6
Ms. Kelsey Strasser Language Arts and Social Studies
Gr. 5 eClassroom
Ms. Bernice Thompson Science Gr. 5 & 6
Religion Gr. 5 eClassroom
Mrs. Diane Vidourek Math Gr. 5 & 6
Religion Gr. 5 eClassroom

Grade 7 & 8

Mrs. Joann Bedinghaus Social Studies eClassroom
Mrs. Michele Carle-Bosch Religion eClassroom
Mrs. Steffenie Brueneman Language Arts eClassroom
Mrs. Jennifer Chouteau Science eClassroom
Mrs. Amanda Mays Reading eClassroom
Mrs. Patricia Schulkers Math Links


Mrs. Karen Southerington Librarian
Ms. Maria Waltner Technology Links
Mrs. Cindy Grundy Physical Education eClassroom
Mrs. Beth Renick Art eClassroom
Mrs. Elizabeth Venia Music eClassroom
Mrs. Suzanne Conrad Spanish
Gr. 7 & 8 eClassroom
Mrs. Beth O'Shaughnessy Assistant Technology Coordinator

Special Services

Ms. Jackie Bach Title I Tutor
Ms. Rebecca Dineen Instructional specialist
Ms. Katie Rawlinson Title I Tutor
Ms. Kathy Scheidler School Psychologist
Mrs. Claire Schneider Intervention Specialist
Mrs. Linda Shore Speech/Language Pathologist
Mr. Tom Frank Maintenance tfrank@olgcs.og
Mrs. Kay Larson Nurse Website
Ms. Amy Keller Latch-Key Director
Mrs. Cathy Lawson Cafeteria Manager